2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

Looking for that special something for that special someone this holiday season? Celtic Life International recommends…

The Haggis
Stahly Quality Foods

A quintessential Scottish specialty, haggis is no longer mostly thought of as the gourmet feature at annual ‘Burns’ Night’ events. Nowadays, at home or at fine restaurants, haggis can be an easy to prepare treat enjoyed year-round for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or as a superb hors d’oeuvre. Stahly Quality Foods of Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland produces several kinds of award-winning haggis. Their Scotch haggis for example, is a blend of the finest lamb, oatmeal and spices, while their Royal haggis showcases Scottish venison, giving it a distinctively rich flavor. Stahly also produces a Drambuie and whisky haggis and, to the delight of many, an excellent vegetarian version. Prior to 2002, because of certain U.S. customs’ regulations which are still in effect, haggis aficionados in the U.S. had to travel to Scotland to get their hands on Stahly’s haggis. Since then, however, the firm arranged for two of their award winning recipes to be produced and canned in the US, and the North American appetite for Stahly’s haggis has grown exponentially. Today, both Stahly’s Traditional Scottish and Vegetarian haggis are readily available across North America. The Stahlys (‘A Big Name in Quality Haggis’) have been associated with fine food since 1923 when Fred Stahly Sr. and his wife first opened a butcher’s shop on Kirkcaldy High Street in Fife, Scotland. Over the generations, their family-first philosophy has earned them world-wide repute for quality and excellence.