2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Bilge Frames
Whisky Frames

Ask anyone who loves a wee dram and they will tell you that there is something special and distinct about an aged whisky cask. Crafted from reclaimed Scotch Whiskey barrels, Bilge Frames – from Edinburgh-based Whisky Frames – are a beautiful and unique gift idea for family and friends this holiday season. With a charred brewing lining on the back, the item’s front is framed with antique, naturally weathered steel hoops from the barrel. The freestanding, front loading frame features a window for 4 x 6 landscape or portrait photos. Each picture is held in place with copper screws, and the product comes with wall-mounting hardware on the rear. Frames are individually numbered as part of an origin archive; simply enter the number into the archive and it will display which distillery or cooperage the barrel originated from. Bilge Frames can also be personalized with monogrammed rivets, laser engraved messages on the side of the frame, photo printing, or with an individual Clan Tartan as a background. A one-of-a-kind gift for that one-of-a-kind spirit lover in your life!