Brewery Hops of Ireland

fbIt’s no secret that Eire and beer go hand in hand. And no one blends the two better than Brewery Hops of Ireland, a small group-tour business based in Dublin. Recently we spoke with founder and owner Mia Tobin about her passion and profession.

What is your own ethnicity/heritage? 
I am Irish.

How and when did you get involved with the company? 
I started Brewery Hops of Ireland in 2012 after getting involved in tourism in Ireland with another tour operator. I saw the potential tourism has and the growth in recent years and decided to start a niche tourism business due to the renaissance of the craft beer industry.

What are your roles and responsibilities there? 
I own the company and, as it’s still small, I am responsible for all aspects from marketing to delivering the tour.

What are the challenges involved? 
Being a master of all trades!

What are the rewards? 
To see growth year on year and to get great feedback from customers who took the tour. They enjoy the amazing scenery on the West coast, the accommodations, the food and especially the great craft beer Ireland has to offer and the interaction with the brewers.


What is the company’s history? 
We are heading into the fifth year of operation.

Who are your core clients? 
They are mainly from the US so far with a growing number of Europeans from Norway, France and Belgium.

How do you reach them? 
I use online advertising and also magazines like this one who specialize in Ireland and the food and drink industry.

How do you differ from your competition? 
My company is small and customer focused. I like to deliver a very personalized service. I only cater for small groups so the tour itself is unique and bespoke. We have a lot of local experiences when visiting these small working craft breweries. The tour aims to stay as off the beaten track as possible and find the hidden gems.

How has the internet helped your business? 
Every business has a global shop window thanks to the internet.

What are the company’s future plans? 
To stay with the personal touch and small group tours but grow with the craft beer industry delivering tours to more and more groups of people visiting Ireland.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Ireland’s economy? 
The economy looks a lot more positive with quite a lot of job creation at present. Tourism is an industry which has been growing year on year for the last 5 years and one which will continue to grow as we have so much to offer across the board from history, archaeological sites, food and drink, traditional music, amazing scenery and friendly people. Ireland is a top tourist destination with something for everyone to enjoy.

What can be done to improve it? 
Continue to focus on job creation and growth industries like tourism.