Chasing the American Dram

isle of skyeNew York City has some of the finest nightlife in the world, and each of the five boroughs enjoys their fair share of great bars. If you find yourself in and around The Big Apple during this year’s Tartan Week celebrations, here are a few tips on where to tip your tumbler.



St. Andrews Restaurant and Bar
140 West 46th St, Manhattan

Located in the heart of Times Square, St. Andrews is the granddaddy of Scottish bars in the northeast US. With authentic décor to die for, old-school Scotch lists, pub grub, fine-dining, and tasting events hosted by Richard Crawford, make this a must-stop on your rounds of rounds.

Noorman’s Kil
609 Grant St, Brooklyn

With more than 400 whiskies available, Noorman’s Kil was recently named one of the ten best whisky bars in America, making it the go-to saloon for spirit lovers young and old. The pub is simple and spacious, with a cozy backyard patio. Don’t forget to sample the world-renowned grilled-cheese sandwiches.

150 West 10th St, Manhattan

A Scottish-centric gastropub located in the heart of the West Village, Highlands is the watering hole of choice for ex-pats looking for a slice of home and hearth. Extensive whisky, malt, beer and gin lists are accompanied by classic and contemporary dishes. Try the Haggis with neeps n’ tatties in whisky butter sauce.

Caledonia Scottish Bar
1609 Second Ave, Manhattan

With a fine whisky list, including more than 180 selections from five different Scottish regions – as well as whiskies from Japan, India, Ireland, Wales and beyond – the “Cal” has become the Upper East Side’s pub of choice for young connoisseurs who want to party without the hipster pretention.

Isle of Skye
488 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn

Along with the dark demur and décor – finished wood floors, leather couches and stone walls – this hidden gem-of-a-pub boasts one of the finest whisky selections in the city. Be sure to savour the Rabbie Burns, a smooth mélange of Glen Grant Reserve, orange bitters, Benedictine and Doulin Rouge.

Honourable Mentions
-The Flatiron Room, Manhattan
-Duke of Montrose Pub, Brooklyn
-The Whiskey Ward, Manhattan
-Sweet Afton, Queens
-Deacon Brodie’s, Manhattan