Day By Day

Everyone has a story about Geoff Day. The Edinburgh-born U.S Director of Communications for Mercedes-Benz is bit of a living legend in and around New Y0rk City, both in the automotive industry and in the world of fashion. On board for his 11th consecutive year with From Scotland With Love – the world’s largest Scottish Fashion Show, which takes place this Monday night in downtown Manhattan as part of NYC Tartan Week Celebrations – Day has plenty to say about the significance and success of the stylish annual event.

On being a Scotsman
Being from Edinburgh has its advantages. We’re good stock; simple, smart and strong. And sexy. And we’re a humble lot. Seriously though, if you’re from that part of the world, I do believe that there’s an inherent humility about you that you carry for life. Braveheart be damned, we’re actually far more reserved than public perception would make us out to be. It’s a social and cultural trait I suppose, probably something that has been passed down over hundreds of years. Truth be told, that can be both a blessing and a curse at once.

On being a Scotsman in New York
Oh there are plenty of us about. All you have to do is turn over a few rocks and there we are. And if you can’t find a Scot, then any Irishman will do. And Lord knows there are more than a few of those to be had around these parts.

On Scottish fashion
It’s always been there in one form or another, but up until recently it wouldn’t have been the first thing to come to mind when you say the word fashion. Perhaps that’s this natural humility or reserve of ours that I mentioned earlier. We’ve got the goods, but we don’t make a point of blowing our own horn about it. And really, it wouldn’t be Scottish if it weren’t like that. Still, it is too-long overdue for the pendulum to swing the other way – for us to stand up and be seen and heard a wee bit more – and what’s happening in our fashion industry these days give us a good chance to do that.

On From Scotland With Love
I absolutely love it and I am thrilled to be involved again in 2013. The organizers keep asking me back each year, so I must be behaving myself.  It truly is a warm and wonderful evening and it is also a real opportunity to both showcase our brilliant designers and to bring their work to the rest of the world. It’s a good chance to give Scotland a bigger share of the international spotlight also. The very best part of this year’s soiree – and the most rewarding aspect of it for me personally – is that two very worthy benefactors – the Wounded Warrior Project and Cash For Kids – will be the direct recipients of support. It’s a real win-win-win scenario.  I am equally honoured and humbled to be able to contribute and, if I keep behaving myself, I’m hoping that they’ll ask me to participate for at least another dozen years.