Fíbín is Ireland’s primary Gaelic theatre company that is coming up to St. Vlad’s Theatre for Toronto Fringe 2012. With high quality, multi-media theatre, it has produced and toured 21 productions all over Ireland, Europe and even Africa and has played to over 300,000 people. Now it is making its North American debut with 7 shows from July 6th-14th with An Rón Dall/The Blind Seal, a delightful, bilingual adaptation of a Gaelic tale.

In 19th century Ireland, a domesticated seal is blinded and evicted from a household on the Atlantic shore as it is held responsible for spreading disease. Seals, however, are sacred animals and a terrible, cursed vengeance is wrought on the occupants. In this unique blend of storytelling, live art and music, a harrowing tale of witchcraft, cruelty and superstition unfolds. The Blind Seal is a simple but beautifully constructed story of a poor unfortunate animal that suffers unspeakable cruelty that leads to a destructive force being unleashed on its owners.

Fíbín has performed for two Irish Presidents and many Irish ambassadors.  It is the recipient of many industry awards including an Irish Times National Theatre award, All Ireland Marketing Awards and the Stewart Parker Trust Award for new writing.  It is the first Gaeltacht (native Irish speaking) company to be invited to work with the world famous National Theatre of Ireland, The Abbey.

Fíbín’s Blind Seal/An Rón Dall plays St. Vlad’s Institute Toronto, July 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14