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Recently Celtic Life International spoke with musicians Tim Edey, Buddy MacDonald and Maxim Cormier about their experiences with the Celtic Colours International Festival!

How long have you been involved with Celtic Colours as a performer?

Tim Edey: I first went over in 2010 with my BBC radio two folk awards “best duo” Edey + Power (w/ Brendan Power, kiwi harmonica legend) and we absolutely loved it every minute of it!

Buddy MacDonald: I have been involved as a performer and host of the after-hours festival club…since the very beginning with Celtic Colours…and we are going into year 17.

Maxim Cormier: I’ve been part of the festival since 2008. I was the 2012 recipient of the “Driver’s Big Sampie Award” which allowed me to record my debut album at Lakewind Sound, for which I was nominated for a Canadian folk music award and 2 Music Nova Scotia awards.

What do you like most about the event?

Tim Edey: The people; Joella, Dawn and all the team and drivers they work so hard and make you feel so welcome in this unique island event.

Buddy MacDonald: The Festival has been, and continues to be, my favourite time of the year…it’s the time where I can actually stay rooted in my home setting…without being out touring …and get to see old pals and hear world class music at our front door.

Maxim Cormier: Getting to hear new music and make new friends, chatting with old friends, festival club, and the actual colours of Cape Breton Island in October.

Why is it an important event for the community there?

Tim Edey: It brings the world’s best literally to the island and the whole event is centered around the heart of the communities and I guess helps the local economy a lot too!

Buddy MacDonald: Celtic Colours  was born with a dream of connecting players from all over the world to gather on our beautiful Island…and has grown into what is a part of us all now….bringing communities together…bringing people back home…making the whole world aware of what we have here as an Island…what we have always known…!

Maxim Cormier: The festival brings in lots of tourists to the area and also plays a big role in preserving Cape Breton’s culture.

What is it an important gig for you as a performer?

Tim Edey: For me, I am honoured to be able to come here, it is I believe one of the very last places on earth where the two main Celtic cultures combine in Scottish and Irish, it’s the best of both and more!!

Maxim Cormier: For me, any performance where people are listening attentively is important. To go above and beyond that, the question would have to be “what makes a gig special for you as a performer?” – and that could be a multitude of things. Such as: sharing the stage with my dad, playing for a home crowd, collaborating with new musicians, discovering something new on the instrument mid performance, a great acoustic space, etc…

Do you have any favourite memories of the festival?

Tim Edey: My guitar hero JP Cormier invited me to play with him at the 2010 guitar summit – I will never ever forget the first time we played. He is quite literally the best Celtic flat picker in history if not ever.

Buddy MacDonald: So many memorable moments at the festival….would need a written chapter…the comments…and the jaw-dropping expressions on the faces of people, who can’t believe what they just witnessed….are the fondest memories that I hold from the many years….I’m hoping to continue to be involved with Celtic Colours as long as they’ll have me….it’s an honour and a joy to be part of this magical

Will you be involved with the festival again in the years ahead?

Tim Edey: I really hope so, this year I play and in fact am preparing to travel as I write this, I will play with JP and many more this year along with playing totally solo.

Maxim Cormier: I will be part of the festival for as long as possible! It’s where it all started for me and it’s my favourite time of year.

What’s on tap for you for the rest of 2013?

Tim Edey: Well when CC is over I fly to Ontario to prepare for a major American tour with Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy this November, then it’s back to Scotland and England to tour both solo and with my duo with Brendan Power and finally finishing the year in Sweden where I am special guest with Swedish Celtic rockers west of Eden.

Buddy MacDonald: Keep performing…touring…possibly a new CD…just continue to do…what I’m real lucky to be doing….for as long as the road carries me.

Maxim Cormier: I’m currently working on a new CD, which is almost done. It will feature Gervais Cormier (my dad), Ben Marmen (cello), Andy Cormier (Trumpet), Rankin MacInnis (pipes), Cassie MacDonald (fiddle), Chuck Bucket (percussion), Scott Ferguson (percussion), Ian MacMillan (percussion) and Zeph Caissie (feet/percussion). We plan on releasing this new CD in Spring 2014.