Magazines are well known for their ability to connect and engage with readers in powerful ways. At the heart of this power is the passion that readers bring to their favourite titles, a connection that translates into advertising performance.

Magazines are the most personal of media. Magazines speak to readers in unique, personal ways. Every reader has a repertoire of magazines and a different relationship with each: There is a magazine for every passion, and a passion for every magazine. Each title is a personal oasis of engagement.

Magazine readers self-select, matching the magazine to the mood. Selecting a magazine to suit the mood ensures that the issue is read in an appropriate frame of mind. Both the editorial and the advertisements are absorbed while the reader is in a relevant, receptive mood, guaranteeing maximum opportunity for impact.

Magazines are all about the reader, feeding their individual needs. Editors spend their lives studying and understanding their readers’ needs and passions – what they really want. This acclaimed editorial expertise in a chosen field ensures the advertiser inherits a more involved consumer.

Magazines are a study in relevance. Magazines deliver the information consumers need to deal with the day-to-day as well as closely held aspirations. From the most ordinary to the most inspirational, magazines deliver relevant solutions with every issue.

Magazine readers don’t want to miss a single issue. Typically, 80%-plus of readers subscribe to their favourite titles to ensure they don‘t miss a single issue. It‘s a sure sign that readers value the time they spend with magazines.

Magazine brands create distinct communities. Every magazine uniquely connects to a community of like-minded consumers, one reader at a time. This sharing of passions with others in the broader community makes the reader connection particularly powerful.

Editorial environments invite reader receptivity. The environment between the reader‘s ears at the time of reading is just as important as the editorial environment itself. Editorial connects in compelling ways, opening minds to advertiser messages, providing a frame-of-reference that extends to the advertising.

Magazine reading ensures undivided reader attention. Reading requires total concentration, leading to better recall of ad messages. Magazine reading is always at the forefront of activities. It can‘t be background, like other media, so it‘s the least multi-tasked of all.

Magazines tell the whole brand story. The magazine format offers a message that may be read and re-read at the reader‘s own pace. Plus, the fullness of the page allows brand benefits to be spelled out in detail. The result: Magazines provide the time and space to connect.

Communication is virtually instantaneous. Magazine advertisements can quickly communicate the brand name, the brand logo and key strategic benefits, all in half the time it takes to read this sentence. In today‘s time-compressed world, magazines provide a timely communication solution.

Magazine advertising is integral to the magazine package. Readers view advertising as essential – a majority of readers agree. Ads are seen as informational, not an interruption. They complement a magazine‘s ability to communicate what‘s new and important.

73% of magazine readers regularly or sometimes save magazine ads. The simple act of saving an ad is proof positive of the reader‘s intense involvement with magazine advertising. The advertisement becomes the focal point for both a new idea and a brand purchase.

Magazine advertising is highly persuasive. Magazines, added to TV and internet, nearly double purchase intent, a highly significant finding given purchase intent is a difficult measure to move.

Magazines deliver volume sales, as a stand-alone medium or in a mix. Research studies from Canada and around the world consistently prove sales effectiveness. Advertisers have been proving this connection to themselves. That‘s why a who‘s who of blue-chip advertisers are increasing participation in magazines.

Magazine growth leads major media by a factor of 2:1. Over the last five years Magazine ad revenue growth has out-paced the industry, having expanded at twice the rate of other major media. These increases are driven by increased page sales rather than inflationary pressures.

Magazines are #1 in ROI. Accountability research demonstrates that magazines are undervalued in the media mix. Studies from Canada and around the world prove that, dollar-for-dollar, magazines deliver more bang for the media buck. Magazine advertising efficiently motivates readers to buy.

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