Halifax-bases model and actress Sarah Ainsley Harrison is not just another pretty face. A sure blend of Celtic style and substance, Sarah is pursuing her life-long dream of running for Miss Universe Canada. Tonight, in Halifax, Harrison is hosting Fashion SOS a G Lounge in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia – a fundraiser for SOS Children’s Villages.


What are your own Celtic roots?

I am a dual-citizen of the U.K. and Canada. I got my UK passport through Scotland. My mother was born in Edinburgh, and my sister and I lived there with her and my Nana when my father was working with the Canadian Military in Cairo.


Why are those roots important to you?

Roots are so important, as they shape you into who you are. My family has played a defining role in both carving-out my character and inspiring my ideals.


What does it mean to you to be of Celtic heritage?

I’m proud to be Celtic. Celtic heritage is one of incredible resilience and strength.


Why is it important to keep Celtic culture alive in Canada?

Canada is a cultural mosaic; I think cultural history is incredibly important. I even have a Sank Ofa tattooed on my right foot. It is a symbol of wisdom in learning from the past before building a future. The meaning is that of respecting your heritage, and while it’s origin is more representative of my father’s mixed ancestry, it reminds me of my mixed ancestry and travels.


In your estimation, are we doing enough to keep Celtic culture alive here?

I think that both Halifax in particular, and Nova Scotia as a whole, place a lot of emphasis on history. Organizations like the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre are great for preserving the Celtic culture. I believe Cape Breton has the most Gaelic speaking citizens of any population, even more than Ireland, so I’d have to say that Nova Scotia does very well to preserve Celtic culture.


Why the decision to run for Miss Universe Canada?

To be Miss Universe would be my dream job; I say dream job because while there are a lot of responsibilities involved, there is nothing that I love more than communicating with others! As Miss Universe Canada you get to use your potential, your beauty and your voice to help others. I believe I embody all of the qualities needed and if I were chosen, I would be eternally grateful for being able to represent that intricate thing that is beauty and the impact that it can have when it is used in a positive way. I want to inspire and motivate others to “reach up”, whether it’s through art or health. As Nelson Mandela said “as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same”. Rather than trying to be “better” than each other, if every person just tried to be a better version of them self, this world would be a much more beautiful and successful place. My greatest ambition is simply to be the best me I can be. I believe that we should never loose our thirst for improvement and knowledge. I have travelled my whole life and love taking in new experiences. I have watched the pageant ever since I was a young girl and I always felt that Miss Universe embodied the perfect woman; gracious, compassionate, intelligent, strong and beautiful.