Whiskey Live Toronto!

storyThousands of spirits lovers will enjoy a wee dram of the good suff tonight at Whiskey Live in Toronto. Organizer Dave Sweet tells us more.

What motivated you to put the Toronto event together?
Whisky Live was first launched in London and Tokyo 13 years ago as those were the founding markets for Whisky Magazine. Toronto is an obvious location, as it is one of the biggest whisky markets in the world.

Who will be attending the event?
Whisky Live is an incredible mix of both members of the spirits industry at all levels and consumers that are whisky enthusiasts at all levels.

What can they expect to experience?
To step into the global world of whisky. There will be master distillers, producers, brand ambassadors and representatives from many companies and distilleries displaying hundreds of different expressions of whisky. These will range from new craft American whiskeys, to fine scotches and Irish whiskies, old standards and lesser known and more rare, obscure whiskies. Additionally, there will be great whiskies from all across the world, including many from Canada. There will also be a dinner buffet, and a proper Celtic band there to maintain the upbeat tempo of the evening.

Why is it an important event for the Celtic community there?
Scotch and Irish whiskey is such a large part of Celtic  heritage and tradition, and of course is one of the main export products of the UK.

How do you see the event growing in the years ahead?
There are always more whiskies that are out there to taste, and we are constantly striving to expand the consumer experience. More hands on (such as blend your own whisky under the guidance of a master blender…) and more in-depth displays demonstrating how whisky is made, such as is done at Toronto Whisky Live. It really is a great opportunity to celebrate our Celtic heritage and influence in Canada.