Ireland is a land full of natural beauty, a lovely little island packed full of hidden gems and secret wonders that go unnoticed by visitors that come to Ireland every year and never leave Dublin. Taking a road trip through Ireland can be an excellent way to see the Emerald Isle in all its glory. Depending how long the trip is, you can hypothetically see all of Ireland in a single vacation. Compared to the vastness of America, Ireland is considerably smaller but has so much to offer anyone visiting, especially when it comes to the coastlines and diverse scenery. Here are the best ways to explore Ireland on a road trip and the best things to see along the way.

Republic of Ireland – Dublin to Portlaoise via the Wicklow Mountains
This route offers a mix of rustic delights and modern comforts. Starting in Dublin, the capital city of the Republic of Ireland renowned for its Guinness, you can spend a few days in one of Ireland’s most famous cities. Once you’re done there, you travel through the wilderness of the Wicklow Mountains, which will take you past villages and towns that you can stop off at whenever you like. Then, you arrive at Portlaoise, also known as Port Laoise, which is in Ireland’s midlands. It’s a vibrant and delightful town that makes for an excellent destination. The journey is filled with incredible natural sights, along with many medieval buildings that are still standing. When you are not driving, be sure to plan a full day to hike in the natural beauty of the Wicklow Mountains. The trails are groomed, well marked, and will take you straight through the most beautiful parts of the park.

Northern Ireland – Belfast to Donegal via the Giant’s Causeway
The capital of Northern Ireland is worth seeing and gives you the chance to experience the North of Ireland. Belfast has an interesting history as the city where the Titanic was built during the golden age of ship building, and there are great opportunities for shopping, dining and culture. Plus, Belfast is a beautiful city that is worth just a day spent wandering around. The Giant’s Causeway is a truly spectacular sight and a must-see for anyone visiting Ireland. Located in Antrim, the result of a volcanic eruption over 60 million years ago, the Causeway is famous for the polygonal columns of layered basalt and is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Donegal borders the Atlantic Ocean and has a largely Irish-speaking population. The country is well known for its incredible beauty, from the majestic cliffs to coastal roads. Going from the urban attractions of Belfast to the rustic charms.

Wild Atlantic Way – Ireland’s Great Adventure
Last but not least, is the visually stunning Wild Atlantic Way. This route is Ireland’s greatest adventure and one that you shouldn’t miss if time permits. The drive starts in Kinsale, in the southeastern part of the country and follows the coast all the way to the town on Londonderry, in the northwest. It’s not a direct route to just drive either, there are plenty of side options including the Ring of Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula, the Connemara Peninsula and the Cliffs of Moher, to name a few. You need a solid 2 weeks to drive this route and see the highlights. 3 weeks will give you time to start and end in Dublin while driving the entire coastline of Ireland. No matter where you decide to go and what you decide to see, it’s important that you make sure everything is prepared before embarking on your road trip. Make sure that you’ve planned your routes out carefully and that you know how long it will take you to get to each destination. Make arrangements for fuel and anything else to make sure that your days run smoothly Ireland is a treat for the eyes and has so much to see and do, and taking a road trip is easily one of the best ways to see the country at its finest.

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