I was born in Vigo, an industrial city in the south of Galicia that is the largest in the region. My parents are Galician. I still reside in my hometown, where I have had my photography studio for years. My work, however, allows me to travel to other cities and countries.

My father was a great fan of photography and even worked as a camera repairman. So, the vocation was a big part of our homelife. When I was 10 years old my parents gave me my first camera, and there was no turning back – the act of creating images has captivated me since that time.

Although I have been a profession photographer for many years, I still feel like that child with my first camera. I remain fascinated with the process of creating images –

the planning, the realization in the studio or outdoors, and the post-production work. I like to think that my work has improved and continues to evolve, both technically and in terms of imprinting my personality upon the images.

There is no perfect formula for taking a great photograph – good technique is not enough. It is much more complex and perhaps beyond words. Think about it – photography is something so unreal that it stops time. And while some factors can be explained, a really great picture has an enigmatic element that differentiates it from a standard image.

Galicia is a wonderful spot to take photographs because of the abundance of good light across the region. In addition, the variety of landscapes and architecture means that you can travel from one community to another, and it feels like you are in a different country altogether. That speaks to the richness and diversity of our cultural identity.

Working on something you love is one of life’s greatest satisfactions. Equally, the creative process itself is very satisfying. I love knowing that my work touches people in some way. Meeting amazing and interesting people is also a hugely rewarding part of the profession.