I have always considered mac ‘n’ cheese to be a Scottish dish. I know it contains pasta, but growing up and watching my mum make it from a tartan package, what else would I think? Marshalls has been making pasta for over a hundred years, and, what’s more, it’s made in Glasgow. Macaroni is a staple for most families in Scotland, and we are now five generations in, using Glasgow’s own. For years, I have put it on menus in Scottish restaurants I have opened, calling it Scotland’s very own pasta dish. Changing it up a little by adding smoked haddock gives it a luscious lift. If you are feeling indulgent, lobster is also a fantastic addition.

Sauce Ingredients

1 small onion
1 bay leaf (optional)
2 cloves (optional)
2 cups (500ml) whole milk
9oz (250g) pale smoked haddock
¼ cup (50g)
Butter 2oz (50g)
All-purpose flour 2oz (50g)
Cheddar cheese (grated)
Salt and pepper

Sauce Instructions

Peel your onion. Then, using the cloves, pierce the bay leaf onto the onion. Place the studded onion into a small pot and cover with the milk. Next, remove any additional bones from the haddock and place the fillets into the milk. This process will cook the haddock and flavor the milk, which will, in turn, flavour the whole dish. Slowly bring the milk to a simmer; turn off the heat and allow the studded onion and the haddock to infuse. Melt the butter in another small pan, then add flour and mix to form a thick paste, called a roux. Carefully remove the haddock and set aside. Meanwhile, cook the roux for 3 to 4 minutes; slowly add the warm flavored milk and then the Cheddar cheese. Stir continuously while adding the milk and cheese until you achieve a smooth sauce with the consistency of thick whipping cream. If you add the milk a little at a time, you will avoid making a lumpy sauce. Simmer for 10 minutes over very low heat to prevent burning the sauce, stirring every minute or so. Once cooked, cover with plastic wrap or parchment paper to stop it from skinning.

Pasta & Vegetable Ingredients

1 teaspoon of oil
2 leeks (finely sliced)
9oz (250g) macaroni
3½oz (100g) cheddar cheese (grated)
4 tablespoons white breadcrumbs

Pasta & Vegetable Instructions

Heat the oil in a large, lidded pan over low heat. Add the leeks, cover, and cook for 5 minutes until tender. Meanwhile, cook the macaroni in a large pan of boiling salted water as per the package instructions until al dente. The pasta shouldn’t be cooked until completely soft, as it will continue to cook when baked. Drain and set aside. Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C). Add the sauce to the cooked leeks with half of the cheese. Add the cooked pasta while gently folding in the cooked smoked haddock and place into an ovenproof baking dish. Top with the remaining cheese and scatter the breadcrumbs over the top.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until golden and bubbling around the edges. Serve immediately.

Ith do shàth!