In reviewing the amazing array of articles that appear in our six editions from 2019, I had a most curious experience.

Winding my way through almost one thousand pages of material, I was transported back to the time and place I first read them. Mindful during those moments, time stood still; I was completely engaged and entertained, in an almost Zen-like state. I can only hope that our wonderful and devout readers have a similar experience with each edition.

I am proud of what we accomplished in 2019, and that we have continued to “connect the Celtic dots” around the world.

As such, our team has much to feel good about; our esteemed publishers and their family, our dedicated in-house staff writers and copy editors, our talented correspondents, our brilliant creative designer, our hard-working sales staff – all have put in countless hours to help us further our mandate over the last 12 months; to be both successful as a company and significant as a community.

Enjoy our Best of Celtic Life International 2019 HERE.

Noli timere
-Stephen Patrick Clare, CEO & Editor-in-Chief