Each week, Celtic Life International Magazine invites readers to go behind the scenes and meet those who make our publication possible. This week we profile senior writer Caitlyn Mearns.

NAME: Caitlyn Mearns
AGE: 27
CELTIC CONNECTION: I have a strong Scottish connection of my father’s side (my great-grandfather was very much a Scotsman), as well as Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestry on my mother’s side.
HOBBIES: Reading books, researching books, organizing books, smelling old books… Oh! And drinking local cider.
HEROES: In addition to the more obvious answers like Charlotte Bronte and Mary Shelley, I would have to say my late mother, Dana Mearns.
BEST CHARACTER ASSET: I am extremely self-aware. This is something that I have worked hard on cultivating over my life, and so I am incredibly proud of it.
WORST CHARACTER DEFECT: I am the biggest worrier I have ever met. Try as I might, I cannot help but overthink every single thing in my life.
PET PEEVE: People who are not punctual.
FAVE FOOD(S): Nachos and poutine – hands down.
FAVE MUSICAL ARTIST(S): Currently my favorite artist is Maggie Rogers, as she helped me through some very difficult times. That said, one of the strongest songwriters to me is Sam Beam of Iron and Wine. Trapeze Swinger remains to be the most beautiful song I have ever heard.
FAVE MOVIE(S): Steel Magnolias. It was mine and my mother’s go-to movie – we watched it a thousand times together and quoted it non-stop. “Weezer, you know I love you more than my luggage” was how we showed affection to each other.
FAVE TV SHOW(s): Stranger Things, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
FAVE BOOK(S): Frankenstein, Rebecca and Jane Eyre, among others.
FAVE PLACE(S) TO TRAVEL: My husband and I love traveling to P.E.I. and/or Cape Breton each summer.
TRAVEL BUCKET LIST: Appropriately enough, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. I think it would be incredible to see where my family comes from. Also, the book community within the U.K. is second to none (except maybe New York) and I want to do a U.K. bookshop crawl. I am not totally sure if that is a thing, but it ought to be.
BEEN WITH CL SINCE:  January, 2017
BEST PART OF THE JOB: Having the opportunity to connect with some of my favorite contemporary authors.
WORST PART OF THE JOB: Probably the fact that we will never have enough time or space for me to write about all of the incredible people who inspire me. And also copy editing – important, but a little monotonous.
BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: Treat yourself as you would treat your dearest friend.

Photo: Alora Hazel